China-Latin American and Caribbean Taijiquan Online Competition
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On April 30th, the one-month-long 2021 China-Latin America and Caribbean Tai Chi Online Competition, organized by the Chinese Wushu Association, came to a close. The competition saw participation from over 200 overseas athletes from 13 countries and regions, with nearly a thousand video submissions received from both domestic and international participants. More than 6.93 million netizens from 127 countries and regions worldwide took part in online voting.

The event successfully combined both online and offline interactions, considering both international and domestic aspects, garnering widespread praise from the general public at home and abroad, surpassing expectations. The organizers promoted and reported on the competition through various media platforms at home and abroad. Notably, nearly 200 Latin American media outlets and Chinese-language media reported on the competition. Furthermore, 17 participant videos were uploaded on the video-sharing platform YouTube, accumulating over 320,000 views.

The main purpose of this competition was to promote Chinese martial arts culture, enhance cultural exchange between China and Latin America, strengthen the friendship between the two regions, safeguard the health of people in both areas, and reinforce the societal attributes and brand awareness of Tai Chi.

According to reports, the General Administration of Sport of China Wushu Center and the Chinese Wushu Association will cater to the needs of participants, optimize the event plan, use the competition as a catalyst, and organize activities such as China-Latin America Wushu Exchange Forum. This initiative aims to propel cultural and sports exchanges between China and Latin America, establish a cooperative mechanism for the promotion and popularization of Chinese martial arts, and contribute to the global dissemination of Chinese Wushu.