China-Latin American and Caribbean Taijiquan Online Competition
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Beijing time, April 28th - The 2021 China-Latin America and Caribbean Tai Chi Online Competition concluded successfully. Over 200 overseas athletes from 13 countries and regions participated in the competition, contributing nearly a thousand video entries. Close to 7 million netizens from 127 countries and regions worldwide participated in online voting. Among them, the views on 17 competition videos on YouTube have exceeded 320,000. The official website of the competition received nearly 23 million visits.

According to the introduction, the 2021 China-Latin America Tai Chi Online Competition was organized by the Chinese Wushu Association and commenced on March 15th. The competition had three categories: New Standard Routine, Required Routine, and Traditional Routine, with awards given in the first, second, and third places, along with electronic certificates. Statistics show that 236 and 110 athletes won first place awards domestically and internationally respectively. Both domestic and international groups set the "Highest Popularity Award," presented to the participant with the highest number of audience votes.

Zhang Zheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, said, "Hosting the China-Latin America Tai Chi Online Competition reflects the friendship between the Chinese and Latin American peoples in jointly fighting the pandemic, weathering the storm, and assisting each other. The competition being held online complies with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Tai Chi enthusiasts from China and Latin America use fitness and health to promote mutual understanding."

According to incomplete statistics, Tai Chi has spread to more than 150 countries and regions, with hundreds of millions of practitioners.

Zhang Zheng mentioned, "Internet+" has opened up new channels and platforms for the promotion of Tai Chi, mobilizing and uniting Tai Chi enthusiasts from around the world. The Chinese Wushu Association will continue to hold international brand events, strengthen the promotion of Tai Chi, and enable Tai Chi to better serve human health."